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No, not normally

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Q: Do diagonal lines in a trapezium cross at right angles?
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How many diagonal lines are there in a trapezium?


Does each diagonal of a rhombus bisects two angles?

Yes they do,because if both diagonal lines cross over and perform a cross is were the point in the middle meets.

Can a trapezium have any right angles?

A trapezium can have right angles as long as there is at least one pair of parallel lines.

How many perpendicular lines are there in a trapezium?

A trapezium has no right angles therefore there are no perpendicular lines. If it had perpendicular lines, it would be a square or rectangle.

What is a trapezium in maths?

a trapezium is this shape this means it is a shape with 2 striate lines & 2 diagonal lines or it could look like this they can come in many different ways

Does a rhombus have diagonal perpendicular lines?

Yes its 2 diagonal intersect at right angles

What do you call the 3 intersecting diagonal lines in triangle?


What are the angles of the diagonal lines on isometric paper opposite?

The answer is given opposite.

What is a perpendicular diagonal?

A perpendicular diagonal is a pair of segments or lines that cross a polygon making a perpendicular

What country has a flag with two diagonal lines?

Scotland (a white diagonal cross on a blue background)

How many perpendcular lines does a trapezium have?

None normally unless it has 2 right angles A trapezium has a pair of parallel sides of different lengths

What do angles in a trapezium add up to?

The internal angles add up to 360 degrees. If the trapezium has its base parallel to the top then the internal angles on the left of the parallel lines add to 180 degrees, the angles on the right add to 180 degrees.