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Q: Do dot plots display individual data?
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What do dot plots represent?

Dot plots represent the values of a data-set which is classified according to two variables.

How are dot plots and stem and leaf displays similar?

Dotplots and stem-and-leaf displays both show every data value.

Are box plots and dot plots similar?

spatial figure

What is a graph that shows data along a number line?

A dot plot is a type of graph that shows data points along a number line. Each data point is represented by a dot above the corresponding value on the number line. Dot plots are useful for displaying the distribution of data and identifying patterns or outliers.

How are dot plots and stem and leaf plots similar?

cause they both plot something

Can two Dot plots have the same median and range but have completely different shapes?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dot plot?

It does not display a directly display a median, mean, or range.

What is the difference between dot pitch and pixel?

The dot pitch for a display unit is the distance between individual dots - which may be circular or in the form of an elongated circle (like a running track). Most display units, nowadays, are based on dots of three colours: red, green and blue. A pixel is unit formed by each set of three colours, and a pixel pitch is a measure based on the size of the pixel and the distance between dots of the same colour in adjacent pixels.

What information is lost when a histogram is used to represent a data distribution of a dot plot?

The main loss is the correlation, if any, between the variables. You also lose the exact value of individual data points.

How is a bar graph and dot plots similar?

A dot plot is similar to a bar graph because they both can give you the same amount of pets and other things that you might use them for.

How is a bar graph and dot plots different?

They are different because It is easier to see the amount of the subject you are using on a bar graph than a dot plot because you can get the answer faster and more quickly.

What term refers to a single dot or point on your computer display monitor?