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Q: Do negative role models have a negative affect on children?
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Who are the role models for children drinking alcohol?

Friends and parents are usually the role models for children drinking alcohol

Are celebrites not good role models for young children?

Celebrities are role models for some kids

What are some common role models for kids?

There are several role models available for children. Unfortunately children will often turn to movie stars and tv stars for their role models. Beyonce, Will Smith, and Bill Cosby are just a few of the role models that are common for kids.

What responsability do role models have?

the trust and love of children

Are sports stars good or bad role models. do they influence us in a negative or positive way?

Off course they can affect the way we think. But role models are there for us to look up to it can influence us to grow with that person. If the sports star is a bad role model then you can learn of this and not do it if you were starting a sport you loved. I love Jake Harland

How many Australian children have sport role models?

probably most of them

Can your family friends peers teachers and role models be considered external influences on physical activity?

Yes, your family, friends, peers, teachers, and role models are external forces that influence physical activity. In addition, television, magazines, and advertising affect physical fitness. Often, many of these influences are negative forces.

How do social agents affect children?

Social agents, such as parents, teachers, and peers, can have a significant impact on children by influencing their beliefs, behaviors, and development. These agents serve as role models and provide opportunities for social learning, shaping the way children interact with others and navigate their social environment. Positive interactions with social agents can support children's socioemotional development, while negative interactions can lead to challenges in social and emotional well-being.

How did the influence of Daoism affect the role of women in China?

Daoism presented positive female role models, so it had a positive effect on the role of women in China.

How can role models help teens develop their personal identity?

Yes. It is very important to have good role-models because it affects the outcome of the teenagers life choices.

What has the author Rolita Baclagan Flores written?

Rolita Baclagan Flores has written: 'The effects of television role models on Hawaii children's self-esteem and ethnic self-identification' -- subject(s): Television broadcasting, Television and children, Role models, Television personalities, Ethnicity in children, Influence, Self-esteem in children

Effect on poor family relationship on children?

Angry children with no confidence. Finding difficulty trusting adults who have been poor role models