Do parallel intersect

Updated: 10/24/2022
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no they are straight lines that never intersect, intersecting lines intersect.

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Q: Do parallel intersect
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Can parallel lines intersect?

No, never. Parallel lines are line that will NEVER intersect.

What parallel lines intersect?

Parallel lines in the Euclidean plane do not intersect but all parallel lines in the projective plane intersect at the point at infinity.

Can a parallel lines intersect?

No they cannot.If they were to intersect they wouldn't be known as parallel lines.

Are lines that never intersect parallel or perpendicular?

parallel ============================================= Parallel. _____________________ _____________________ Those two lines will NEVER intersect.

What is the term for lines that don't intersect?

Coplanar lines that don't intersect are parallel. Lines that are not parallel and do not intersect are skew lines.

How many times do parallel lines intersect?

parallel lines never intersect.

Are two lines that are not parallel coplanar and do not intersect?

are two lines that are not parallel, coplanar, and do not intersect

Why do artists use parallel lines that do intersect?

I do not think lines can intersect if they are truly parallel.

Why do two non-parallel lines have to intersect?

The lines have to intersect because lines go on forever and if then are not parallel then they will collide. Even if they are not parallel by one degree they will still intersect.

What line intersect through parallel lines?

No line can intersect parallel lines. Parallel lines by definition never intersect.

Would parallel lines intersect at a 90 degree angle?

no they are parallel therefore they will never intersect

What are the number of points at which 2 parallel lines intersect?

Zero; parallel lines never intersect.