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Q: What pentagon has only 2 lines of symmetry?
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Can you make pentagon with unequal sides that has 2 lines of symmetry?

No you cannot.

How does a pentagon have 5 lines of symmetry?

The Pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry quite simply, actually. See, say you made one line straight through the pentagon at every vertex, right? Well, once you do that, you have 3 lines of symmetry in total, right? Now, say you make another 2 lines of symmetry, this time right through the center of each side. In total, this would make 5.

Which shape has 5 lines of symmetry?

i think the shape is a 2-D closed figurethen it can be a pentagon

Has a triangle got 2 lines of symmetry and 2 lines of rotational symmetry?

First of all, your grammar is terrible. The question should be "Does a triangle have 2 lines of symmetry and 2 lines of rotational symmetry? and the answer is no. A triangle can not have 2 lines of rotational symmetry, because you only rotate the image, you do not use any lines.

What are the attributes of a pentagon?

1) A regular pentagon has 5 sides 2) A regular pentagon has sides that are all the same lenghth 3) A regular pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry 4) A regular pentagon has all obtuse angles

How many lines of symmetry does an 8 have?

The number 8 has only 2 lines of symmetry; Vertical and Horizontal.

Is there 2 lines of symmetry or 4 lines of symmetry in a rectangle?

2 lines of symmetry

Can a pentogon be symmetry?

A pentagon can be symmetric, yes. It is symmetric around any of its lines of symmetry. Yes, divide it starting from the top down 2 the bottom. Pretty simple.

How many lines of symmetry does a parallelogram have?

Squares, which are parallelograms, have four lines of symmetry. Rectangles have only two. Rhombi have two lines of symmetry. Generic parallelograms don't have any lines of symmetry.None normally unless it is in the shape of a rectangle in which case it will have 2 lines of symmetry

Does a rectangle have 4 lines of symmetry?

No it has only 2

What shapes has 2 lines of symmetry only?


Triangle with 2 lines of symmetry?

A triangle with two lines of symmetry does not exist. It can have one line of symmetry (an isosceles triangle) or three (an equilateral triangle), but not two.