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It can, but it need not.

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Q: Does a trapezoid have perpendicular lines?
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What shape has one set of perpendicular lines with four sides?

A right trapezoid has exactly one pair of perpendicular lines and is a quadrilateral.

How many parallel lines and perpendicular does a trazioud have?

A trapezoid has 2 parallel lines. It may or may not have perpendicular lines.

Are a trapezoid's diagonals ever perpendicular?

Yes, they can be. Here is an example to see how this is true. Construct two perpendicular lines AB and CD that intersect at a point O. Let AO = CO, BO = DO and AO ≠ BO, then ABDC forms an isosceles trapezoid. If the lines are not perpendicular, then also ABDC is an isosceles trapezoid and it has perpendicular diagonals.

Does a trapezoid have a pair of perpendicular lines?

The only requirement for a trapezoid is that one pair of opposite sides be parallel. There could be trapezoids with a pair of perpendicular lines.

How many pairs of perpendicular lines does a trapezoid have?

Can have no pairs or one pair...

Does a trapezoid have perpendicular liens?

No, but it does have 1 pair of opposite parallel lines of different lengths

How many perpendicular lines does a trapezoid have?

None, but u can draw two perpendiculars.

Does an isosceles trapezoid have parallel lines and perpendicular?

There is 1 set of parallel lines because the other lines will meet soon.:) i don't no if there are any perpendiclur lines. :(

What is a polygon with 4 sides no right angles 2 parallel lines top and bottom and 2 lines on the sides that are perpendicular?


Does a trapezoid contain 2 right angles?

Since a trapezoid is a quadrilateral whose bases are parallel and not congruent, then one of its sides can be perpendicular to its bases (as the shortest distance between two parallel lines). Such a trapezoid is called a right trapezoid.

Why can't a trapezoid have right angle?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral that has one pair of parallel sides. Since a right angle is formed by two perpendicular lines, it would mean that one of the non-parallel sides would have to be perpendicular to one of the parallel sides, which violates the definition of a trapezoid. Therefore, a trapezoid cannot have a right angle.

Does a trapezoid have perpendicular diagonals?

no it does not