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Q: What is a polygon with 4 sides no right angles 2 parallel lines top and bottom and 2 lines on the sides that are perpendicular?
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How many right angles does a trapezium have?

A trapezium (or trapezoid in North America) does not necessarily have any right angles. The only requirement is that it is a quadrilateral (4 sided polygon) with one pair of parallel sides. If one of the sides is perpendicular to the bottom base, then it is also perpendicular to the top (so 2 right angles). If the other side is also perpendicular to the bottom base then it will be perpendicular to the top base as well, then it is a rectangle, with four right angles.

Are the lines in the capital l parallel or perpendicular?

I, the top and bottoms lines are parallel, but the vertical line is perpendicular to the top and bottom lines.

What is special about z angles?

They are always identical angles unless the bottom and top lines are not parallel!!!!

What shapes has 2 pairs of perpendicular lines and no parallel lines?

Its a Right Triangle * * * * * No, a right triangle has only one pair of perpendicular lines. One possible answer is a kite, with right angles at the left and right extremes. There would be an obtuse apex and an acute bottom (or the other way around).

Can you show me a quadrilateral with one right angle one obtuse angle one acute angle and two parallel lines?

Think of your regular trapezoid (half a hexagon). Now cut it in half with a line perpendicular to the top and bottom. You can see the right angles along one side. The top and bottom lines are parallel. The seond angle on the bottom is acute, and the second top is obtuse. Can't be bothered to provide diagrams, though. Draw them yourself.

What is a polygon that has 2 right angles and is not a quadrilateral?

Any non-regular polygon from pentagon and up can have two or more right angles. Take a square and chop off the top and then make a two more connecting line segments (like a house with roof), and you have an irregular pentagon with 2 right angles at the bottom, for example.

Do trapezoids have right angles?

No, trapezoids do not have right angles. A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides. The other two non-parallel sides can be of different lengths and angles.

What is an isosceles trapezoid?

It is a trapezoid in which the non-parallel sides are of the same length and subtend equal angles with the base. It can be viewed as an isosceles triangle whose apex has been removed by a line parallel to its base.

How do you get a 5 sided shape by cutting a painted cube once?

Set cube with front and back parallel and sides perpendicular to you. Cut diagonally though the flat top and bottom.

Which pair of angles are alternate interior angles?

_\_________ .a\b _c\d________ .....\ When a line crosses 2 lines, 8 angles are formed. Four are exterior angles - outside the 2 lines, and four are interior angles. These are labelled a, b, c, d in the diagram. a & d are alternate interior angles because they alternate from one side of the intersecting line to the other; b & c are also alternate interior angles. They are also known as "Z-angles" because the top parallel line, the transversal and the bottom parallel line which define the two angles for the letter Z (or a distorted version of it). If angle a = angle d (in which case angle b = angle c as well), the 2 lines drawn horizontally are parallel. If alternate interior angles are equal, the 2 lines are parallel. OR If you know the lines are parallel, then alternate interior angles must be equal. Not the greatest diagram; please ignore the ... but even a lousy diagram helps. And no, you don't use lower case letters for angles but there shouldn't be any confusion.

Can you have a detailed description of a trapezium?

A trapezium is a quadrilateral with two parellel sides which are not of equal length. If it is represented with its longest of the two parallel sides at the bottom, its two top angles are obtuse, or one is a right angle, and its two bottom angles are acute, though the one below a right angle would also be a right angle. The area of the trapezium is determined by multiplying the distance between the two parallel sides (called the height) by the average length of the two parallel sides.

What is the shape that has 4 sides exactly 2 right angles and is not square or rectangular?

An irregular Quadrilateral. It is like a rectangle with a piece cut off from one corner to the other expand a bit on the above:This describes a trapezoid which is a quadrilateral (four-sided figure) with only two sides parallel. In this case, the ends of the figure will be parallel, but one end will be longer than the other so that the top and bottom are convergent (non-parallel). The two upper angles will be 900 with one acute, and one obtuse angle at the bottom.