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Q: Does frequency density divided by class width equals frequency?
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What does the height of a bar in a histogram represent?

The frequency density. That is, the frequency divided by the class width.

How do you find the frequency and frequency density on a histogram when you are only given the class width?

To calculate the frequency density we will simply divide the frequency by the class width.

How do you work out frequency from a frequecny density histogram?

class width times frequency density gives you the frequency

How do you work out frequency density?

basically this is an exampleAGE (YEARS) FREQUENCY FREQUENCY DENSITYFD= Frequency DensityAge : 0

How do you work out the frequency for a histogram?

Frequency Density multiplied by the class width

How do you calculate the frequency density in a histogram?

Frequency density= Frequency/Class width So shut ur mouth whoever is reading this!

How is a frequency distribution converted to a relative frequency distribution?

The relative frequency of a class is the frequency of the class divided by the total number of frequencies of the class and is generally expresses as a percentage.

How is the relative frequency for a class computed for qualitative data?

It is the number of times (frequency) that a value in the required class is observed divided by the total number of observations.

How do you faind the rate in math class?

Rate equals Distance divided by Time.

What should a well constructed histogram reveal to you?

It should reveal the frequency density of the variable for the well-defined classes. From this, it should be easy to work out the exact frequency in each class.

How do you figure out the relative frequency with a class limit of 0-9?


What is frequency density?

Frequency/Class width (In a histogram it is on the y-axis, and the frequency is the area of the bars) This GCSE Bitesize Revision link is really useful:-