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Depending on what you are doing and your superstitious beliefs it may mean anything.

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Q: Does the suit of spades mean death?
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What is the biker meaning of a 13 on a black spade?

13th card in that suit, Ace of Spades, Death Card.

What does 8 of spades mean?

In a pack of cards their are 4 suits, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. Each suit has cards numbered 2 to 10 in it and an ace, jack, queen and king. The 8 of spades is therefore the number 8 card from the spade suit.

What suit ranks highest in bridge?

The highest ranking suit in bridge is spades. 'No Trump' ranks higher than spades in the bidding, but it is not a suit.

What does return in spades mean?

Return in Spades usually has 2 meanings that are similar. first Spades is a suit in the card deck and Spades are the Highest ranked suit. return in spades means the return is higher than what is put out or invested. you invest $200.00 but the return is in Spades $2000.00! however 'return in spades' usually means revenge. someone will return or pay back in spades to someone for something they did to them. let's say you sucker punch me in the face. i pay you back in spades by blasting you back in the face with a baseball bat. spades means you trump something or 'one up it' spades are always something 'higher.'

What does the number on the ace of spades mean?

red stars death and barf bags

What is the strongest suit in cards?

Spades is the strongest suit in many card games.

Is a spade card bad luck?

Ace of Spades is the Death Card. Spades usually mean sometype of misfortune whening considering them tarot cards.

Which is the highest ranking suit in contract bridge?


How may cards are spades?

13 cards in each suit.

How many spades in cards?

There are 13 cards in each suit.

How many cards are in a single suit of a deck of cards?

Four : clubs , diamonds , hearts and spades .

Which suit is higher in poker hearts or spades?

Depends if the type of suit is required in the game. The highest suit changes in different games.