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The area would be 30 square feet.

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What is The Diameter of the pitchers mound

What is the radius of a circle if the area is 22 square meters

If a square and a triangle have an area of sixty four square centimeters if the length of the triangle is the same as the length of a side of the square what is the height of the triangle

A square room is 784 square feet what is the length of each side of the room

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Q: Enclosing a rectangular area using 34 feet of fence?
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The fence enclosing a square patio is 60 ft What is the area of the patio in square feet?

225 square feet

What is the maximum area you can enclose with 100ft of fence for a rectangular garden?

625 sq feet.

How much maximum area can 100 ft of fence hold in a rectangle?

The maximum area possible using 100 feet of fencing is that inside a circular fence. But, since you asked about a rectangular fence: a 25x25 fence would hold 625 square feet. a 10x40 fence would hold 400 square feet. a 5x45 fence would hold 225 square feet. As you can see, the square is the rectangle that encompasses the largest area, as it is closest to a circle.

A gardener wants to fence the largest possible rectangular area using 200 yards of encing. what is the best length and width of the garden?

a 60 by 40 yard would yeild an area of 2400 sq feet.

A farmer has a rectangular garden plot surrounded by 200ft of fence. Find the length and width of the garden if its area is 2400ft2.?

12 feet

If a rectangular yard measuring 42ft by 49 ft is bordered and surrounded by a fence inside a walk that is 4ft wide and goes all the way along the fence what is the area of this walk?


If you have 34 feet of fence to enclose a rectangular garden You want the length of each side to be a whole number What dimensions of the garden enclose the greatest area?


What is a way of showing the frequency of data using rectangular bars and the area they contain?

A bar graph

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden The area of the garden is 50 square feet and the length of the garden is twice the width What is the width of the fence?

A = area, L = length, W = width A = LW L = 2W A = (2W)W = 2W2 2W2 = 50 W = 5 ft

How do you get the dimensions of rectangular lot given the perimeter and area?

By halving its perimeter and using the quadratic equation formula.

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden the area of the garden is 50 square feet and the lenght of the garden is twice the width what is the width of the fence?

Let the length be 2x and the width be x: length*width = area 2x*x = 50 2x2 = 50 x2 = 25 x = 5 feet

Which has more surface area a rectangular prisms or rectangular pyramid?

For the same base dimensions (base area) and the same height, the rectangular prism has more surface area.

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