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perimeter = 4 x sqrt 72 = 33.94 in

area = 72 squinches

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Q: Find the area and perimeter of a square with a diagnal of 12 inches.?
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what- use a formula to find the perimeter of the square box lid in inches.?

34 inches

If A picture frame measures 20 inches by 30 inches find the perimeter and area of the frame?

Perimeter = 100 inches Area = 600 square inches

Find the perimeter of a square whose sides are 17.5 inches long?

it would be 68.5 inches

How do you find out the area and perimeter of a closed figure?

for area you times the two numbers and for perimeter you add the numbers

Find the perimeter of a square with diagnal of length 12?

let x be the sidelength of the squareby pythagoras' theorum:x2+x2 = 1222x2 = 144x2 = 72x = 6*(2)^0.5 [2^0.5 is the square root of 2]x = 8.4852813742385702928 (20sf)perimeter = 4xperimeter = 33.941125496954281171(20sf)

Find the perimeter of a square with sides measuring 15 inches?

15" x 4 sides = 60-inch perimeter.

What is the area of a perimeter with 6 inch sides?

That's oddly worded. You can't find the area of a perimeter. Either way, we need to know how many sides there are. A square with 6-inch sideshas a perimeter of 24 inches and an area of 36 square inches.

What is perimeter of a square 5 inches?

20 inches Formula: P=4s P=4*number you want to find P=answer

Find the perimeter of a square that has 12 m sides?

find the perimeter of a square that has 12 m side

The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 7 inches more than the perimeter of a square and the side of the triangle is 5 inches longer than the side of the square find the side of the triangle?

Let x be the side of the triangle. Thus 4(x-5) is the perimeter of the square.Balance by the perimeter relation,3x = 7+4(x-5)Solve for x,x = 13 inches

If you know a perimeter of a square but not the length or width how do you find the area?

Divide the perimeter by 4 and then square the result to find the area of the square.

How do you find a square's perimeter?


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