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Foil that and you will see tha X = 3. This is a parabola that touches the X axis at X = 3.

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2010-04-02 23:05:05
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Q: Find the value of x in the equation x squared equals 6x minus 9?
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What is x in the equation x squared minus forty-nine equals 0?

The value of x is 7

What is the value of k when 4x squared plus kx plus 9 equals 0?

Using the discriminant for a quadratic equation the value of k works out as plus or minus 12.

What is the value of x in the equation x squared minus x plus 7 equals 3?

The equation does not have a real number solution. Using the quadratic formula will give it's conjugate pair complex solution.

What is 8n plus 11 equals 4 plus 10n minus 11?

It is an equation and the value of n is 9

What is the ordered pair of x-2y equals -4 2x-y equals 1?

This is a simultaneous equation question: x-2y = -4 2x-y = 1 Multiply all terms in the top equation by 2: 2x-4y = -8 2x-y = 1 Subtract the bottom equation from the top equation remembering that a minus minus equals a plus: -3y = -9 Divide both sides of the equation by -3 to find the value of y remembering that a minus divided by a minus equals a plus: y = 3 Substitute the value of y into the original equations to find the value of x: Solution: x = 2 and y = 3

What is the solution to x squared minus 42 equals negative x?

It is a quadratic equation and the value of x is -7 or 6 x2 - 42 = (-x) x2 + x - 42 = 0 (x + 7) (x - 6) = 0

Is this equation a function y equals 3squared plus 2x minus 3 is this a function?

You can tell if an equation is a function if for any x value that you put into the function, you get only one y value. The equation you asked about is the equation of a line. It is a function.

What order pair is a solution for y equals 2x minus 1?

Choose any value for "x", replace that in the equation, and calculate the corresponding value for "y".

How do you answer 2x² plus 6x minus 8 equals 72?

Using the quadratic equation formula the value of x is -8 or 5

X squared plus 16x plus a equals parenthesis x plus b parenthesis squared In the equation above a and b are constants if the equation is true for all value of x what is the value of a?

a=64 b=8 (x+16x+64)=(x+8)^2

What is the value of x in the equation -12x equals 72?

-6 when you multiply two minus numbers the minus signs cancel each other out so -12 * -6 = 72

What value squared equals 201.64?


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