Function of atis leaf

Updated: 12/16/2022
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it contains a sweet taste :)

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Q: Function of atis leaf
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What is the function of fronds?

It is a large leaf containing many divisions.

What is the function of leave?

it surrounds the baby plant

What the function of the petiole?

holds the leaf in connects to the plantpetiole is the thin green sructure that connects the main stem to a leaf.its also called MESOPODIUM.its main function is to direct the leaf from the branch so that it could get sufficient sunlight to perform photosynthesis

Perimeter of a leaf?

Measure the outline of the leaf; the exact perimeter will vary with the size of the leaf.

What is a varigated leaf?

A varigated leaf is a leaf that has more than one color, like green and white. a leaf that has color aside from green