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Q: How are each countries practices and use of mask alike and different?
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How are the label in each period alike How are they different?

they are alike because they are different columns of digits and they are different because they have different. ddf

How are the labels in each period alike how are they different?

They are alike because they are all different columns of digits and they are different because they have different columns.

How was king Arthur and Beowulf alike and different?

They were alike becasue they dated each others wives and they were different becasue king Arthur had HIV.

How are the labels in each period alike?

they are alike because they have zeros and they are different because of the place value;hope you liked this answer

Why do people not look like each other?

they have different parents. Sometimes from different cultures , countries, and races. Answer this question better for me: why do some people look so much alike, even if they're related in any way and even know each other? Personal experience

How are acrostic poems alike and how are they different?

They are alike because they are all creating something from a series of letters that make up a word. They are different because the word they use in the above is different each time.

Is diverse the same as alike?

No, diverse means different or varied, while alike means similar or resembling each other. A diverse group is composed of individuals with different backgrounds or characteristics, whereas an alike group consists of individuals who share common traits or qualities.

What is a comparison of two different things to make them more alike?

You have to find things that are different and similiar to each other.

How many atoms are in a human?

it's different for each peson. no two people are alike

How are Hinduism alike and yet different from each other?


Due to the physical features separating the city-states in ancient Greece each had different?

Each had their own government systems, some alike, some different.

Is Scotland and Ireland alike?

In some ways yes, and in other ways no. Geographically they are very alike with mountains, lakes, valleys etc. People are different, but very friendly in both countries. They are governed differently, but would have similar laws. Weather would be similar, but winters would be colder in many parts of Scotland. Culture is different, but still similar in some ways, like in their music and dance. Both speak English as their main language and both have their own variations of Gaelic that have some similarities. Some sports would be common to both countries as major sports, like rugby, soccer and golf, but they also have their own sports that are more unique to each country. So the two countries are different, but not completely different, and there are lots of things that are very similar. Both countries have strong ties to each other and get on very well with each other.