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First, number the vertices's in order, going either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Starting at Make a table with the x,y coordinates of each vertex. Start at any vertex and go around the polygon in either direction. Add the starting vertex again at the end. You should get a table that looks like the leftmost gray box in the figure above. Combine the first two rows by: Multiplying the first row x by the second row y. (red) Multiplying the first row y by the second row x (blue) Subtract the second product form the first. Repeat this for rows 2 and 3, then rows 3 and 4 and so on. Add these results, make it positive if required, and divide by two. any vertex.

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Q: How can we estimate the area of a figure on the coordinate plane?
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How do find the area of a plane figure?

Area of plane figure

How can you estimate the area of a circle on a grid?

Align the circle so that the origin of the coordinate plane is the center of the circle, find the radius, and use the area formula for circles (PI•r^2)

How do you find the area of a triangle on a coordinate plane?

you count the number of boxes IN the shape.

What is the amount of space occupied by a plane figure?

It is its area.

What does translation of a congruent figure mean?

You recreate a figure that is equal in side lengths, angles, and area in a new place on the x-y plane. For example if point a is on coordinate(2,2) and you are to translate it 1unit to the right and 2units down, the coordinates of point A' would be (3, 0). Up and down change the y coordinate and left and right change the y coordinate. Once you've translated all the points, connect the dots.

What is the amount of surface inside a closed plane figure?


What do you call is the measure of the region rounded by the plane figure?

It area.

The number of square units contained in a plane figure?

That is called the area.

What is the lower left region of the coordinate plane called?

The area where 'x' and 'y' are both negative is the Third Quadrant.

What does maths include?

numbers, algebras, coordinate plane, geometry (shape, area, volume), calculus, theorems, and so on.

What does image mean in math term?

It is an exact replica of an shape on agraph only in a different area of the coordinate plane.

What is the difference between a polygon and a plane figure?

A polygon is a plane figure which comprises one area bounded by three or more straight line segments. A general plane figure can have curved boundaries or sides that cross each other.