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Q: How can you change a decimal number if the number after the decimal point is three?
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How do you move decimal To change from liters to milliliters?

Move the decimal point three place to the left.

How many decimal places are there in the number 6.874?

Three. This refers to the number of significant digits AFTER the decimal point.

How many places do you have to move the decimal point to multiply a decimal number by 1000?

Three. Count number of zeros. If multiply decimal by 100 move decimal point 2 places, etc.

What word is used to signify the decimal point in a number?

The word used to signify a decimal point in a number is "point". For example, 3.14 written out would be three point one four.

Is a decimal number with two digits is sometimes equal to a decimal number with three digits?

Only if the final digit, after the decimal point, is zero.

Where do you put the decimal point in three and seven tenths?

The decimal point in three and seven-tenths goes after the whole number 3 and before the 7 tenths.

How would you write a decimal less than 5 ten thousands?

5 ten thousandths in decimal form is 0.0005 Any decimal number that has three zeros after the decimal point and then a lower number than 5 is smaller. If the number has more than three zeros after the decimal point it is smaller.

How do you change 8.091 into a fraction?

8.091 has three digits after the decimal point sowrite the number without a decimal point as the numerator: 8091,write a one followed by three zeros as the denominator: 8091/1000,simplify if possible - it is not.So the answer is 8091/1000.

Why are there three places after the decimal point?

Depends on what the situation and number is. In generally, there can be as many digits as needed after a decimal point. The amount is infinity.

How do you change three percent to a decimal?

You change three percent to a decimal.

How do you apply the comma number format with decimal places?

To the left of the decimal point, you place a decimal at an interval of every three digits.

What is the difference between a decimal point and a decimal place?

The decimal point of a number separates the whole part of the number from the fractional part of the number. It is located between the units column and the tenths column of every number. A decimal place is one of the digits after the decimal point: The first decimal place is the first digit, which is the tenths digit The second decimal place is the second digit, which is the hundredths digit The third decimal place is the third digit, which is the thousandths digit etc. When showing or rounding to a number of decimal places there will be that number of digits after the decimal place. eg the number 5.671 has three decimal places as there are three digits after the decimal point and the second decimal place, for example, contains the digit 7.

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