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Q: How can you determine whether an estimate you make using interpolation is reasonable?
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How can you use estimation to determine whether you have placed the decimal point correctly in the product?

A reasonable estimate will give an indication of the order of magnitude of the number. The order of magnitude is determined by the decimal point and so knowing the order can help in placing it.

Why is it helpful to make a estimate?

When you sit down and actually work the problem, the estimate you made helps you decide whether the answer you get is reasonable or screwy. In that way, the estimate is another method of checking your work.

What factors determine whether a search is reasonable or not?

Factors that determine whether a search is reasonable include obtaining a warrant from a judge, having probable cause to conduct the search, ensuring the search falls within the scope of the warrant, and conducting the search without violating constitutional rights such as the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

What is the seventh step of the forecasting process?

Forecast verification. Once the forecasts have been made, the analyst must determine whether they are reasonable and how they can be compared against the actual behavior of the data.

Is 1.2 times 72 reasonable?

Whether or not it is reasonable depends on the context - which has not been provide.

How do you determine whether a rock is a rhyolite or an andesite?

The composition of the rock will determine whether it is a rhyolite or an andesite.

What theories can be used to establish negligence?

Some common theories used to establish negligence include the "reasonable person" standard, which evaluates whether a person's actions were reasonable in a given situation; the "duty of care" concept, which assesses whether the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff; and the "breach of duty" principle, which examines whether the defendant failed to meet the required standard of care. Additionally, the theory of "proximate cause" is used to determine whether the defendant's actions directly caused the plaintiff's harm.

Explain how you know whether an estimate of a product is an overestmate or an underestimate?

Explain how you know whether an estimate of a product is an overestimate or an underestimate?

What can Electromyography determine?

EMG can determine whether a particular muscle is responding appropriately to stimulation, and whether a muscle remains inactive when not stimulated

How do you know whether an estimate of a product is an over estimate or an underestimate?

look at the scales

What is the function of a redirector?

To determine whether a request is meant for the client CPU or the server.To determine whether a request is meant for the client CPU or the server

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It is not.