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To emphasize seam lines, you can flatten the seam flaps inside the garment and then sew them down on both sides of the seam on the outside of the fabric in contrasting colored thread. Another idea is to add a contrasting trim to the seams of the garment, like rick-rack, braid, or sequins.

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Q: How can you emphasise the seam lines of a garment?
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What is a garment is shaped to follow the lines of the body?

It is a seam: a line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or other article.

What is the difference between a critically seam sealed garment and a fully seam sealed garment?

Critically seam-sealed garment has only the main areas that are susceptible to water sealed with tape.Mainly meaning shoulders and front seems.Fully seam-sealed garment means every inch of stitching is covered by tape.

What are the points which determine the choice of seam?

You need to explain what seam you mean? A seam of coal? A seam in a jacket?

What is a double stitched seam?

.... This question is open to interpretation. Knits and spandex sportwear/swimwear is finished on a serger or overlock machine. Two neat stitch lines appear on the 'right' side of the garment. When you reverse the fabric you see that these stitch lines are connected (overlocked). Double stitched may refer to two rows of stitching you typically see on Denim jeans. This is a flat felled seam- no loose ends or seams to overcast to prevent the denim from unravelling. A double stitched seam may be straight stitching on a seam and then stitching another row alongside it.

What are the 4 factors to consider when selecting seams?

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What is involved when a person hems a garment?

The things involved when a person hems a garment is usually firstly, the measuring of the hemline. Then, the threading of the needle. After that, the seamstress will sew along the hemline, finishing with a knot at the end of the seam.

When might it be reasonable to buy a garment that needs altering in order to fit well?

If the garment is a good price and has plenty of seam allowances, the garment may be successfully altered. However, if the garment is much too small then it is not a good buy since material in the same dye lot cannot be added for a well-finished product.

What are the different kinds of pockets?


How do you sew clothing?

1) Start with a t-shirt. Knit t-shirts can be copied by placing them flat on a work surface and tracing the seam lines. ... 2) Choose a fabric similar in type to the original garment. ... 3) Add lots of markings. ... 4) Use a flexible ruler to duplicate curves. ... 5) Divide your garment into two halves. ... 6) Adjust for fit after tracing.

What is the seam allowance in sewing used for?

The seam allowance is needed to allow for extra fabric where separate pieces of fabric are joined together at seams. If seam allowances were not provided you wouldn't be able to join pieces together or your garment would end up being too small. If you look at the inside of a shirt, for example, you will see that the stitches take up fabric and that is what seam allowances are for.

How do you secure the beginning and end of every seam?

To sew a concealed seam first sew the seam with the right side out wards, (the opposite way to how you would normally sew a seam). Next trim off the edges of the seam quite close to the stitch line. Lastly, turn the garment inside out and re-sew the seam close to the first stitching, you have now enclosed the first seam with its raw edges inside the second seam.

What is the place where 2 pieces of clothes are sewn together?

The section of a garment or other product where two pieces of fabric have been sewn together is known as the 'seam'.