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Multiply them together.

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Q: How can you find the LCM of two co primes?
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How do you calculate co-primes?

Find their GCF. If the GCF of two numbers is 1, the numbers are co-prime.

Are 2 and 5 co-primes?

The numbers, 2 and 5, are co-primes because they both have just two factors, 1 and themselves.

Which of the following is a pair of co-primes?

5,7 3,5 are co-primes

Two consecutive prime numbers which differ by 2 are said to be twin primes while two numbers whose hCF is 1 are called co-primes how many pairs of co-primes are between 1 and 50?

Any number greater than one can be co-prime. I guess the answer is 49.

How do you find whether 231 and 396 are co-primes?

Find their GCF. If their GCF is 1, they are co-prime. Since their GCF is 33, they are not.

What is the meaning of co prime?

Two numbers are said to be co-primes if they do not share any common divisor except for 1. For example, 9 and 10 are co-primes. Number 9 has factors 1,3,9 and 10 has 1,2,5,10. Only 1 is common. So, these two are co-prime numbers.

What two numbers have no common factors greater than one?

They are called co-primes.

What is the LCM of two co-prime numbers?

Their product.

What is the LCM of two co prime numbers?

Product of the two prime numbers is the LCM. For example 3, 7 have 21 as LCM

Is LCM of a co-prime number is the product of number itself?

You cannot have a co-prime number. There must be two or more number that are co-prime. Therefore, as given, the question makes no sense. A correct interpretation is: "Is the LCM of a set of co-prime numbers the product of the numbers themselves?" The answer to that question is: NO.For example, the numbers {6, 10, 15} are co-prime since there is no integer (other than 1) which will divide all three. Their LCM is 30 whereas their product is 900.The product is the square of the LCM is because the selected numbers are semi-primes. In general, that does not happen for sets of co-prime numbers.

All co primes twin primes. True or false?

False. Co-primes are not the same as twin primes.Co-primes are any numbers having no common factorsother than 1. Examples of co-primes are 8 and 9 or 15 and 32.Twin primes are pairs of prime numbers exactly 2 apart such as 11 and 13 or 659 and 661.

When can the LCM of two numbers be the product of the two numbers?

When the numbers are co-prime.

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