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Q: How can you use slope ratio to find a side to a triangle?
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How do you find a slope of a triangle?

In a triangle there are three angle.So, the side opposite to the greatest angle will be greatest side in the triangle and hence it will be the slope of the triangle. you can find slope of any side of the triangle by finding tangent of the angle made by it to the horizontal side eg. place one side of the triangle horizontally. to find the slope of any side A, drop a normal from the apex to intersect the imaginary horizontal line.measure the length(l1) of the normal. measure the distance (l2) between the intersecting point and other end of side A. l1/l2 will give you the slope of side A.

HOW do you find the similar ratio of a triangle?

Divide the length of a side of one triangle by the length of the corresponding side of the other triangle.

How do you find the right bisector of a triangle?

For triangle ABC, find the midpoint of side BC. Then, find the slope of side BC and use its negative reciprocal (since the negative reciprocal slope is the slope of the right bisector joining side BC and the opposite vertex). Finally, substitute the midpoint and negative reciprocal slope into the y=mx+b equation to get "b", then write the equation. :)

How do i find the Ratio of the shortest to the longest side of a triangle?

You divide the length of the shortest side by the length of the longest side.

Show how to find scale factor of a small triangle to a larger similar triangle?

The ratio of the length of the side in the big triangle to the length of the corresponding side in the little triangle is the scale factor.

What is the ratio of the opposite side to the ajacent side in a right triangle?

The tangent ratio.

when should i use the strategy within ratio?

it also depends on what grade you are in so it depends on what you are doing it with for example if you had a graph it would be for slope if it is for a triangle it would be the missing side

How do you find the ratio of two adjacent side lengths in a triangle?

They are in the same proportion as the sines of the angles that are opposite them.

How do you find the ratio of a triangle shortest side to longest?

11 1/2 to 4 1/4

In a right triangle the ratio of adjacent side to hypotenuse?

is called the cosine ratio

The area of the triangle pictured at the right is 192 The ratio of the side AB to side AC is 2 3 Find the length of side AB?

Not too sure about the question as there is no triangle pictured at the right. But in general the area of a triangle is 0.5*base*perpendicular height

In a right triangle the ratio of the opposite side to the adjacent side?

In a right triangle, two of the angles are acute ones. Referring to one of the acute angles, the ratio of the side opposite it to the side adjacent to it is the tangent of the angle.