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Q: How congruence of goals affect the success of the organizational?
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How do human resources affect performance of an organization?

fulfillment of organizational goals and objectives

How would you describe goal congruence in a business setting?

Goal congruence occurs when the goals of the employees and the goals of the company become intertwined and meshed together.

Meaning of goal congruence?

Goal congruence refers to the alignment of individual and organizational goals, where the actions and objectives of individuals within an organization are in harmony with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. It ensures that employees' efforts are directed towards achieving the collective goals of the organization, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Where do you see the contribution of human resource management in achieving organizational goals?

Many people feel that human resource management are a barrier to the achievement of organizational goals.

What factors determine the success of organizational goals?

How effectively goals and objectives are accomplished depends on how well the company goals are broken down into jobs and assignments and how well these are identified and communicated throughout the organization

Is the process by which organizational goals are achieved through the use of organizational resources?

The goal development process is where organizational goals are written and organized. The goals are organized in order with long-term and shorter term goals that will be used to reach the long-term goals. Resources are listed with each goal, which will be used to achieve the goals.

What is organizational goal?

Organizational goals are the overall objectives of a company or organization. These goals include the mission and purpose of the organization.

What are the organizational resources?

Organizational resources are the assets, knowledge, people, and systems that an organization uses to achieve its goals. These resources can include financial resources, physical assets, human resources, technology, information, and organizational culture. Effective management of these resources is essential for an organization's success.

What is the difference between individual and organizational goals?

what the different between goals and idividual goals

What are the fundamental concept of organizational behavior the nature of organization?

The fundamental concepts of organizational behavior include studying how individuals and groups behave within an organization, how structure and culture influence behavior, and how to effectively manage and lead people to achieve organizational goals. The nature of organizations involves examining their purpose, goals, structure, culture, and the dynamics of interactions among members to understand how they function and achieve success.

What is the process that directs the activities of individuals toward achieving organizational goals?

Organizational leadership is the process that directs the activities of individuals toward achieving organizational goals. This involves setting a clear vision, motivating and guiding employees, making decisions, and fostering a positive work culture to ensure alignment with the organization's objectives. Effective leadership is essential for driving performance and success within an organization.

What is organizational dynamics?

Organizational dynamics refers to the complex interactions and relationships within an organization that affect its overall functioning and success. It involves understanding how individuals, teams, and systems within the organization interact, communicate, and respond to change to achieve shared goals. Studying organizational dynamics is essential for identifying areas of improvement and fostering a positive work environment.