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Q: How did foot fetishism get started?
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Why is foot fetishism so stupid?

Because the role of foot play derives from animals

Which other terms mean foot worship?

Foot worship is also called foot fetishism, podophilia and foot partialism. Foot worship is generally connected with strong attraction to people's feet.

When was A Case of Orthopedic Fetishism created?

A Case of Orthopedic Fetishism was created in 1991.

Where can you find information about fetishism?

Information about fetishism can be found from many different resources. Some examples of sources with this information include "HowStuffWorks" and the book "Fetishism and Curiosity".

Why man lick woman shoes?

This could be a sign of foot fetishism. Foot fetishism is the most common sexual fetish in males and is certainly not the worst. If this is behaviour you have observed in your husband or partner, it would be a good idea to gently discuss it. Be aware that because fetishes are seen as "taboo" by society he may at first be reluctant to discuss it. Be careful and considerate and he will be able to express himself eventually.

What is the website Feet Mania dedicated to?

The website Feet-Mania is dedicated to free distribution of images and videos related to foot fetishism. It contains various links to free image galleries or paid-for websites about foot fetishes.

Are people with a foot fetish born that way?

I'd be surprised if there was any way of telling whether foot and footwear fetishism is hereditary or acquired. By the time it emerges, an individual has had some years at least of nurture, of experience, of influence. It may be some consolation to know that in various forms these fetishes seem to be quite common. When, in the 1960s, what already then were called 'kinky boots' (for women) came on to the market they were immensely popular. Also bear in mind that it's all harmless (unless it develops into an all-consuming obsession). Joncey There's a fairly long article on 'Sexual Fetishism' in Wikipedia. See the second link below. See the Related Link for "Wikipedia: Boot fetishism" to the right. See the Related Link for "Wikipedia: Sexual fetishism" to the right.

Is fetishism is a type of ancestor veneration?


What is death fetishism?

Being sexually aroused by death.

How did fooot ball get started?

how did foot ball get started

What are some examples of commodity fetishism?

Commodity fetishism is a form of intellectual property. It may include: Philosophic base, Knowledge, Financial Risk management, Commodified art and Legal traducement.

What is the medical term meaning sexual attraction to objects?