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whats the equation to convert meters to inches?

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Q: How do I convert an equation to get the meters needed for height measurement?
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How do you convert 188 cm into square meters?

You cannot convert 188cm into square meters. 188cm are a length or distance measurement, while square meters are a measurement of area.

1 sq feet is equal to how many sq meter?

You don't convert linear measurement to area measurement, the two are incompatible. You either convert meters to feet, or square meters to square feet. One foot is exactly 0.3048 meters; you can base your calculations on that.

How do you convert 7200000 meters into meters cubed?

Meters cannot be converted to meters cubed, one is a measurement of length, and one is a measurement of volume.

How do you convert height to meters?

You do not convert height to metres, you MEASURE height in metres (or centimetres, or feet or miles).

What is the equation to convert meters to inches?

Inches = meters x 39.4

What is 36.98 cu ft in square meters?

1.05 cubic meters You can not convert a cubic measurement (volume) to a square measurement (area).

Convert 5.2 height into meters?

157.48 cm

How can you convert meters into meters?

Metres and metres are the same unit of measurement. Therefore, no conversion is necessary.

What is the equation to convert milliliters to cubic meters?

mL x 0.000001 = cubic meters

Convert meters into square meters?

One length times one width will give you the square measurement of any area. Meters, feet, inches as long as you use the same measurement. 6 meters by 3 meters, equals 18 square meters. 6x3=18

What units of measurement would you use to measure height and mass?

Meters for height Kilograms for mass.

How do you convert sq meters into square sq ft?

You can't. 'Square' is a measurement of 2 dimentions, length X width. 'Cubic' measures volume, so you need another dimention, height. But, if you insist on converting it, 4.2 square meters = 0 cubic meters, since the height of a flat surface is 0.