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Nothing special about it.




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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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Q: How do you add a 3 digit number and a 2 digit number?
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What is a 3 digit whole number when doubled remains a 3 digit number When you add 2 to the doubled number it becomes a 4 digit number?

Any number when doubled becomes even. Thus the key part of the question is identifying a 3 digit even number that you can add 2 to to become a 4 digit number. The answer is 998. Thus to find the original number we need to do 998/2. This calculates to 499.

If you add a two digit number to a two digit number do you get a four digit number?

No. When adding the smallest 2 digit number (= 10) to the smallest 2 digit number (again, 10) the result is a 2 digit number (10 + 10 = 20). When adding the largest 2 digit number (= 99) to the largest 2 digit number (again, 99) the result is a 3 digit number (99 + 99 = 198). As you can see, you'll either get a 2 or 3 digit number, but never a 4 digit number.

How do you add a 3 digit number and a two digit number?

You line up the last numbers and then add it!

What is the predecessor of 3 digit number?

A smaller 3 digit number or a 2 digit number (99).

What is the smallest 2-digit number that can be divided by 3?


Is a 3 digit number always greater than 2 digit number?

Yes, unless the 3 digit number is negative, or a decimal.

A 3-digit number has a 2 in the hundreds place and a 2 in the tens place Which digit could be placed in the ones digit to make the 3-digit number a multiple of 3?

2,5 or 8

What is a four digit number that is divisible by 3 and 2?

1002 is the smallest 4 digit number divisible by 3 and 2.

The one digit number that if you add all the factors you get 12?

If you add together all the factors of the number six, you will get an answer of 12:1+2+3+6=12

How do you multiply 3 digit number by 2 digit?

Example: 222*12 222 3 digit * 13 2 digit ------- 666 Multiply 3 to all three twos +222 Multiply 1 to all three twos (skip spot) -------- 2886 Answer Add up

When you subtract a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number the difference is 473?

There are 90 different answers. If A is any 2-digit number (from 10 to 99), then B = 473 + A is a 3-digit number and B - A = 473

What is a 3 digit number?

A three digit number is a number that has 3 digits. Example 382 3 is the hundred digit. 8 is the tens digit. 2 is the ones digit.

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