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You cannot unless you know the angle of the plane which defines the cross section.

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Q: How do you calculate the cross sectional area of a cube?
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Cross sectional area of a cube?

s2 square units, where the sides of the cube are s units long.

What is the cross section of a cuboid if the volume is 250 cubic centimeters?

If you mean what is the right cross sectional area of a cube with a volume of 250 cubic centimeters the answer is 40 cc (really 39.685)

What is the cross sectional area of a cube with a perimeter of 48cm?

A perimeter is normally defined for 2-dimensional shapes and not three dimensional ones. A cube has 12 edges. So, if the perimeter is 48 cm, each edge must be 48/12 = 4 cm. The cross section of a cube depends on the angle of the plane intersecting the cube and, if it is not perpendicular to the cube, can be triangular, parallelogram or hexagonal. Assuming the plane is at right angles to the cube, the cross section is a square with sides of 4 cm. So its area is 16 cm2

All cross-sectional shapes that are parallel or perpendicular to one of the bases of a what are also congruent to one another?


How do you calculate area of cube?

Total surface area of a cube: 6 times a side squared

What is the formula used to calculate the volume of a regular solid?

That would depend on the shape, be it cube, sphere, etc. In general, the volume of any regular solid is its cross-sectional area multiplied by its length.

How do you calculate surface area of cube?

Multiply the area of one of its faces by 6

What is the formula to calculate the total surface area of a cube?

Total Surface Area = 6L2. Where L = the length of one side of the cube.

How do you calculate surface area volume of a cube?

If a cube has sides of length x cm then area = 6x2 cm2 and volume = x3 cm3

How do you calculate cube area?

height x length x deaph

Using pascal write a program to calculate area of cube?

{Area s the area of cube} {Length is the length of one side of the cube} program AreaofCube; var Area,Length:real; begin write('Enter the length of cube: '); readln(Length); Area:=6*(Length*Length); writeln('The area of cube is ', Area, ' cm^2.'); end.

Lateral surface area of cube?

lateral area of a cube is consisting of 4 times the area of each face, so first calculate the area of a face (side2) then multiply by 4

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