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Q: All cross-sectional shapes that are parallel or perpendicular to one of the bases of a what are also congruent to one another?
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All cross-sectional shapes that are parallel or perpendicular to one of the bases of a ______ are also congruent to one another?

A) Prism. B) Polygon. C) Cube. D) Pyramid.

What is perpendicular line?

A sole line can't be perpendicular. To be perpendicular, a line has to meet with another line, to form right angles on either side. Perpendicular is the exact opposite of parallel. Parallel: = Perpendicular: -|

If one of two parallel lines is perpendicular to another line is the other of the two lines parallel to the third line?

since one parallel lines is perpendicular to another line, the other parallel line is perpendicular to the line as well. so the two would not be parallel, only the original two.

What shape has diagonals that are perpendicular?

The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular. A rhombus is a special kind of parallelogram. It has the characteristics of a parallelogram (both pairs of opposite sides parallel, opposite sides are congruent, opposite angles are congruent, diagonals bisect each other.) It also has special characteristics. It has four congruent sides. So it looks like a lopsided or squished square. Its diagonals are perpendicular. Another property: each diagonal bisects two angles of the rhombus.

When two parallel lines are crossed by another line. what is it?

two parallel lines are crossed by another line ,that's the perpendicular.

Are a vertical line and a horizontal line parallel or perpendicular?

Perpendicular is when a line is at a right angle to another. Parallel lines are side by side and even if they were to go on to infinity, would never meet. Therefore the answer is perpendicular.

What is the relationship between the sides of a square?

They are all congruent (equal length), parellel to another side, and perpendicular to another side

What is a figure that has two congruent faces?

Prisms are three dimensional figures that always have two congruent faces. The congruent faces are also parallel to one another.

Is y equals -5x 9 parallel or perpendicular?

y = -5x + 9 is the equation of a straight line. It cannot be parallel or perpendicular by itself, you need another line to compare it to.

Is a rhombus parallel or perpendicular?

A rhombus is perpendicular * * * * * No, it is not. A rhombus is a four sided plane figure which has two pairs of parallel sides. It is, therefore, a parallelogram. The only thing that is perpendicular in a rhombus is that its diagonals bisect one another at right angles.

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