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Perimeter: add all sides

area: multiply length times width for rectangles

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2012-04-30 15:25:48
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Q: How do you calculate the perimeter and area of a shape?
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How do you find the perimeter and area of an irregular shape?

You break it up into smaller shapes which are less irregular. If these are more regular, you can calculate their contribution to the perimeter, and their area. You can then add these together.

Can you calculate the area if you know the perimeter?

No, you can not calculate an area if you know just the perimeter. For example, rectangle with sides of 10 and 20 would have a perimeter of 60 and an area of 200, but a square of sides 15 would have a perimeter of 60 and an area of 225. You need to know more details about the shape than just the perimeter.

What is a perimieter?

perimeter is when you have a shape and then you have your area and that is what is in the middle of the shape and perimeter is the edge of the shape.

How do you calculate the area and perimeter of shapes?

To calculate the area you multiply the width times lenghth.the numbers that are on the side of the shape multiply them and you'll get the area. Now to get the perimeter you add the numbers on the sides together. Add lenght times width.that's how you get your perimter and area.

Is perimeter and area the same?

No , perimeter is the measurement outside of the shape; the border. Area is the measurement of inside of the shape.

What is the shape for a figure to have a perimeter of 20 and an area of 18?

Perimeter and area are not sufficient to determine the shape of a figure.

What is area an perimeter?

Area is the amount of square units in a 2-D shape, and perimeter is the distance around a shape

If you remove a square from the area of a shape will its perimeter get smaller?

No, the area will get smaller, not the perimeter.

How do calculate perimeter?

You have to add all the sides of the shape .

What shape has no area but perimeter?


How are area and perimeter different from each other?

The perimeter is the outside of a shape and the area is the inside of it

Which shape has the shortest perimeter?

If you want to enclose a certain area, the shape that does it with the shortest perimeter is a circle.

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