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Q: How do you calculate weight per liter?
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How do you convert micrograms per cm square to milligrams per liter?

You cannot. The problem here is you have weight per area and you want to convert to weight per volume. You need a third dimension to the area to calculate this.

How do you calculate density of water and glycol mixture?

Density is just weight per unit volume, e.g. 1kg per liter. So just determine the weight and volume of your mixture.

How do you calculate mpg to kilometer per liter?

Use this formula: mpg x 0.425 = km per liter

What is the weight of engine oil per one liter?

830 to 900 grams per liter

What is the weight of safflower oil per one liter?

The weight of safflower oil per liter is approximately 920 grams.

What is the weight of LPG per liter?

The weight of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) per liter varies depending on the specific type of LPG being used. On average, the weight of LPG ranges from about 0.52 to 0.58 kilograms per liter.

How many grams will it take you to get a liter?

The weight in grams of a liter of a substance will vary depending on the density of the substance. To convert between volume (liters) and weight (grams), you need to know the density of the substance in question. The formula to calculate this is: mass (in grams) = volume (in liters) x density (in grams per liter).

How to calculate grams per liter?

You haven't stated the compound so we cannot calculate the molecular weight. However, first off here, you have to multiply by 1000 to convert grams to milligrams. Next you divide by the molecular weight. The volume does not need adjusting.

How much does one liter of diesel weight?

One liter of diesel weighs approximately 0.85 to 0.86 kilograms.

How do you convert micro grams per liter to micro moles per liter?

(Micrograms per litre)/(gram molecular weight of solute) = (micromoles per litre).

How do you find percent of salt per weight Example Water Level 6417 feet above sea level Salt Content 51.3 grams per liter One liter weight 1kg or 1000 grams?

To find the percent of salt by weight in the water, you need to calculate the total weight of the salt in the water. Since the salt content is 51.3 grams per liter and you have 1 liter of water, the weight of salt in the water is 51.3 grams. To find the percentage, divide the weight of the salt by the total weight of the solution (1000 grams for 1 liter of water) and multiply by 100. Therefore, the percent of salt by weight in this example would be 5.13%.

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