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First, you need a frequency table.

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Q: How do you complete the frequency table?
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How do you complete a frequency table?

If you don't know you are dumb! ~i

What goes after frequency in a frequency table?

the table

Parts of the Frequency Table - 37k?

parts of frequency table

What are the General rules of constructing Frequency table?

General rules of constructing Frequency table General rules of constructing Frequency table

What is the frequency in a frequency table?

The frequency in a frequency table is the number of occurrences within each class width. The total frequency is the sum of all frequency's within all the classes.

Show an example of a frequency table?

A frequency table is a table that shows in numbers how many items are in several categories.

What is a pictorial representation of the frequency table?

A pictorial representation of a frequency table is called a histogram.

What is simple frequency distribution table?

The frequency distribution table lists all the possible events and how many times (frequency) they occurred.

What is the cumulative column frequency distribution table?

Cumulative Frequency is The total of a frequency and all frequencies so far in a frequency distribution. It is the 'running total' of frequencies in the frequency distribution table.

Why do you use the frequency tables?

i think a frequency table is a table that helps people organize there info

What are the parts of a frequency distribution table?

In a frequency distribution table, there are usually five parts/columns (12th grade statistics):class, frequency, mid-point, relative frequency, and cumulative frequency.

Which histogram correctly represents the data in this frequency table?

The question asks about the "this frequency table". In those circumstances would it be too much to expect that you make sure that there is a frequency table in the question?