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From the question, it seems you already calculated the square root, or know how to get it. You can cube complex numbers just like you cube normal numbers: multiply them by themselves; the number must appear three times as a factor. For example, the cube of (2 + i) is (2+i) x (2+i) x (2+i). Another method - usually faster - to calculate any power is to express the complex number in polar form (absolute value and angle). For the specific case of a cube, the cube of such a number is the cube of the absolute value, at an angle that is three times the angle of the original number.

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Q: How do you cube the square root of imaginary number ex square root of 2i cubed?
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What is a cube root and a square root?

Cube Root - The number that produces a given number when cubed Square Root - A number that produces a specified quantity when multiplied by itself: "7 is a square root of 49".

Is 65 a squared or cubed number?

It it neither a perfect square nor a perfect cube.

You are 2 digit number that is a square and a cube what are you?

The number 64 is equal to ±8 squared and 4 cubed.

Is the number 28 a cube number?

No 3 cubed is 27 4 cubed is 64 Strictly it is the cube of the cube root of 28. The common description is that it is not a perfect cube.

What is 2 as cube a cubed number?

Two cubed = 2x2x2= 8.

What is square root of 216 and then cube it?

The square root of 216 is 14.6969384567. This cubed is 3174.53870665.

Why can a cube root be any number?

A cube root can be any number because any number can be cubed.

Is a cube a number?

No, a cube is not a number. A number "cubed" expresses a number times itself three times. For example: 3 cubed = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 In other words, when the exponent on a number is three, the number is cubed.

Is 28 a cubed number?

Yes, but it is not a cube of a whole number.

What is the difference between a square number and a cube number?

A square number has been multiplied by itself e.g. 2 squared = 2 x 2 = 4 Cubed is where it is multiplied by itself again e.g. 2 cubed = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8

Why is the third power of a number called cubed?

It refers to the fact that a cube is 3 dimensional whereas a square is only 2 dimensional

Is 1000 a cube number?

Yes. It is 10 cubed.