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a square face

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Q: How do you draw the top view of rectangular prism?
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How to draw Top down view of a rectangular prism?


What is the top view of a rectangular prism?

A rectangle.

what top down view of a rectangular prism?

It will be a rectangle.

How many cubes are visible from the top view of the rectangular prism?


How much cubes at the top of a rectangular prism?

There is no limit to the number of cubes which can be arranged on top of a rectangular prism.

How do you draw a top down view of a rectangular pyramid?

A rectangular pyramid is a pyramid with a rectangular base. Thus, a top-down view of such an object would simply be a rectangle with two diagonal lines connecting opposite vertices.

What is the difference between the shape of a side view of a triangular prism and the top view of a triangular prism?

the difference between them is one side of a shape is like a cube and the other is a rectangular prism kind of pyrmid.i hope i helped you on Perspectives 16-11 Practice test.The side view is a rectangle and the top view is a triangle.Enter

What is the top of a rectangular prism called?

It is simply called its top.

How many apexes does a rectangular prism have?

none apexes are only for pyramids (the point at the top) there are no apexes in a rectangular prism

Top view of triangular prism?

The top view of a traingular prism is nothing but a triangle itself, if placed vertically. But if the prism is placed horizontally, then its top view would be a rectangle with a central line.

What is the top view of a triangular prism?

the top viw of a triangular prism is a triangle

What is the difference between a rectangular pyramid and a rectangular prism?

A Rectangular pyramid has a base of 4 points, and they lead up to the top point, like a triangle. A rectangular prism has a base of 4, the sides have 4 and the top as well, like a box.

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