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10-20 16

20-30 4

30-40 _

40-50 _

50-60 _

60-70 2

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Q: How do you find 3 missing frequencies when median and mode given?
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How do you find missing frequency if median and mode are given?

How do you find missed frequency if median and mode are given

How do you find the missing frequencies if median is given?

check 10th board's algebra text book nd u'll get ur ans der...

How to find the missing number if median is given?

The median is the middle number. If there is an odd number of numbers in the set, the median is the middle number, and the only way to find the missing number is if the median is the missing number. If there is an even number of numbers in the set, the median is the average of the two middle numbers, and the only way to find the missing number is if the median is one of those two numbers. If it is, you can take the median and the one of the two numbers you know. Use the formula (# +#)/2=median and solve.

How do you find the value of x in a trapezoid given the median?

Given the median and trapezoid MOPN, what is the value of x?

How do you find the value of x that makes the median the given number?

32,23,15,30,12,X;the median+25

How do you find th number missing if the median is 104?

The median uses the position of the data rather than their actual values. As a result, in general, you will only be able to determine whether the missing value is greater than or less than the median.

How do you find median temperature?

To find the median temperature over a given period of time, arrange the recorded temperatures in numerical order and take the value in the centre.

What is a quartile in a math problem?

A quartile is a given section in a range of data. To find the quartile, you must first find the median. Then find the "median of the median", using these to separate your data into sections, giving you a total of four sections of data.

Median formula for grouped data?

Simple answer:Divide the total number of observations (plus 1, if small) by 2 to find the middle rank.Look at the cumulative frequencies for the grouped data and find the group in which the middle rank would appear. That is the median group.More sophisticated answer:Withing the median group, interpolate.

How do you find the missing addends when the average is given?

tae mo

How do you find mean of 50 observations for the data is 3.72 the 2 frequencies are missing in the frequency table?


Why do you find median?

You find the median to find the middle number

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