How do you find a blazebit?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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WELCOME pathetic people! This site is pathetic and my name is Cauldron Lusian

and i have searched 60 blazebits one day! so if you didn't yet your pathetic and stupid but here it is: ELDER TREE! and BESIDE IT is a stupid poo plant! hahahahaha!

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Q: How do you find a blazebit?
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Who is stronger light blazebit or blazebit?

light blazebit

Where to find a blazebit in miscrits?

in the eldery tree

Which is the most rarest miscrit in whole miscria?

I'd say either blazebit or sapphron because you have to use facebook credits to get sapphron and blazebit is really hard to find

Who is the rarest miscrit and where do you find them?

I Belive that the rarest miscrits is blazebit and its in the elder tree there is a 2% chance of getting him

How do you get blazebit in miscrits?

near the elderly tree

Where to find blazebit on miscrits?

some people say he is in the elder tree I'm not even in the elder tree yet I'm in the magic flower

How many times do you have to search the elder tree to find blazebit?

ok i'm about to share you " How Mny...." blablabla.! ok here it is : 1,00,000! goodluck!

Where do you find blazebit in miscrits?

You can find it in the elder tree/magic flower only if you're lucky magic flower- only 2 % capture elder tree- only 5 % capture

Where do you get blazebit on miscrits world of adventures?

You get it in the gem shop for 400 gems.

What is the most powerful miscrit?

simple its rockodile bcuase it has the same stats as blazebit but it has the elemental advantage

What is the strongest miscrit?

I would say that the strongest miscrit is Blazebit. But this is not sure because it has all of it's stats random. If you want the perfect combination of perfect attacks and stats then try to capture Ignios.

What kind of miscrits are in the miscrian forest?

Blazebit, Cubsprout, Elefauna, Flameling, Hotfoot, Hydroseal, Lumera, Nessy, Quirk, Shellbee, Snatcher, Snortus, Sparkupine, Squibee, Steamguin, Tulipinny, Twiggum, Waddles and Dark Prawnja.