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Multiply the diameter by 'pi' .

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2010-09-27 18:22:04
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Q: How do you find the circunference of a circle?
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How do you find the circunference?

Multiply the diameter of a circle by 3.14.

What is a circunference?

the distance around a circle

What is the radius of 128 inch circle?

If the circle's circunference is 128 then radius is 128/2pi = about 20.372 inches

How do you determine the value of pi?

The value of pi is the relationship of a circunference to its diameter. For instance, if you have a circle whose circunference is 9.42477 cm, you shall have a diameter of 3 cm. Any measure of a circunference divided by its diameter shall generates the same numeric value, the pi number.

What is the circunference of the circle 64?

If you know the diameter of a circle, multiply that by pi (approximately 3.14). If you know the radius, multiply it by 2 x pi.

What is th formula for the circunference of a circle?

π is the ratio between the diameter and the circumference of a circle so the formula would be : Circumference = π x Diameter or alternatively (since the radius is half the diameter) Circumference = 2π x Radius.

What is the word pi mean?

Pi ( π ) is the ratio of any circle' s circunference to its diameter.It's an endless number, so usually it is rounded to 3.14.So, to calculate a circunference's length, you have to do:(Diameter)x(Pi (consider it as 3.14))=(Perimeter)Here are some more digits of the Pi:3.14159265358979323846Check more about it on the realted links.

How do you calculate circumference of hemisphere?

how do you calculate the circunference of hemisphere?

How do you find the circunference of a bowl?

You get a string that can fit around the bowl and wrap the string around it and mark where they overlap. measure the string and there is the circumfrence!

How do you find the length of the circle if you know that the radius is 6 inches?

If you are referring to the diameter(the distance across the circle or the length of the longest line segment that is passing through the center of the circle), then the answer will be 12 in, since that the diameter is twice the length of the radius. But if you are talking about the circunference, you could use the formula C=2pi(r) or C=pi(d). Thus the answer will be 37.68 in. Please be more specific next time you ask...=)

What is the circunference of a cirle with 12 diameter?

circumference = pi*diameter

What is the circunference of a redwood tree?

The circumference varies on the tree thickness.

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