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If you know the diameter of a circle, multiply that by pi (approximately 3.14). If you know the radius, multiply it by 2 x pi.

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Q: What is the circunference of the circle 64?
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What is a circunference?

the distance around a circle

How do you find the circunference?

Multiply the diameter of a circle by 3.14.

How do you find the circunference of a circle?

Multiply the diameter by 'pi' .

What is the radius of 128 inch circle?

If the circle's circunference is 128 then radius is 128/2pi = about 20.372 inches

How do you determine the value of pi?

The value of pi is the relationship of a circunference to its diameter. For instance, if you have a circle whose circunference is 9.42477 cm, you shall have a diameter of 3 cm. Any measure of a circunference divided by its diameter shall generates the same numeric value, the pi number.

What is the circumference of a 64 mm diameter circle?

The circumference of the circle with a diameter of 64 mm is 64*pi = about 201 mm

What is th formula for the circunference of a circle?

π is the ratio between the diameter and the circumference of a circle so the formula would be : Circumference = π x Diameter or alternatively (since the radius is half the diameter) Circumference = 2π x Radius.

What is the area of a 64 inch circle?

That will depend on whether the 64 inches is the radius, diameter, or circumference of the circle.

What is the word pi mean?

Pi ( π ) is the ratio of any circle' s circunference to its diameter.It's an endless number, so usually it is rounded to 3.14.So, to calculate a circunference's length, you have to do:(Diameter)x(Pi (consider it as 3.14))=(Perimeter)Here are some more digits of the Pi:3.14159265358979323846Check more about it on the realted links.

What is the radius of a circle if the area is 64?

The area of a circle is (pi)(r^2). Set this equal to 64 and solve for the radius. r = sqrt(64/pi)

What is the radius of a circle with an area of 64 square feet?

Radius of circle: square root of (64/pi) = 4.5135166683 feet

If the area of a circle is 64 square units what is the diameter?

If the area of a circle is 64 square units the diameter is: 9.027 units.