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Density = Mass/Volume.

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Q: How do you find the density of a cylindrical prism?
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How do you find the surface area of a cylindrical prism?

times leagth times weith

How do you find the volume of a cylindrical prism?

Volume = cross-section area*length

How do i find the density of a rectangular prism?

You divide its mass by its volume.

How many vertices's does cylindrical prism have?

None normally

How do you find the weight of a rectangular prism?

Volume x Density . . . yes

What formula to find mass in a triangular prism?

Mass = Density x Volume

Why is a cube a prism?

A prism has the same cross section throughout its length no matter what form it may take i.e. a cubic prism, a cuboid prism, a triangular prism, a hexagonal prism, a cylindrical prism etc.

How do you find the density of a rectangular prism?

You measure its length, breath, height and mass. Then Density = Mass/(Length*Breadth*Mass) in the appropriate units.

What is the volume and density of a rectangular prism with sides measuring 3cm 2cm 5cm?

The volume is 3cm * 2cm * 5cm = 30 cm3. The density will depend on the mass of the prism which will depend on the material that the prism is made from.

A rectangular prism of volume 84 cm3 has a mass of 760 g. What is the density of the rectangular prism?


Find the mass of a piece of ice that is in the shape of a rectangula prism that is 2 cm by 4 cm by 6 cm having a density of 0.92 g cm3?

44.16g density times volume

Is a cone the same thing as a prism?

no it's not a cone is a pyramid and has one base but a prism has two bases and is not a cone Actually, a cone is just a cone, like an ice cream cone. a prism is like a shape strechted out like a pipe. A cylindrical prism would be a pipe with closed ends.