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square the length of the 2 shorter sides, add them together, take the square root and you have the hypotenuse

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Q: How do you find the hypotnuse of a right triangle?
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How do you find hypotnuse?

In a right triangle it is the side that does not participate to the right angleThe correct way of writing it is hypotenuse

What is the formula of pythagorous theorm?

height*height+base*base=hypotnuse*hypotnuse where hypotenuse is the longest side in a right angled triangle

Explain in the pythagorean theorem must be a right triangle?

yes it only apllies to the right triangle and "c" is the hypotnuse of the triangles

How do you find the hypotonuse of a triangle?

A: what is the hypotnuse of a triangle?A2 + B2 = C2 With A and B as the line segments protruding from the right angle and C being the hypotenuse.By the way, you spelled hypotenuse wrong.

What is the length of the hypotnuse of a right triangle?

Using Pythagoras' theorem: a2+b2 = c2 whereas a and b are the sides of the triangle and c is its hypotenuse

Where do you find the Hypotnuse?

The hypotenuse is the side opposite the two sides that form a right angle.

What is the area of a right triangle with a hypotnuse of 68 millimeters and a leg of 60 millimeters?

1920 square mm Solved with the help of Pythagoras' theorem.

If the hypotnuse of a right triangle is 31 an the leg length is 23 what is the base length?

sqrt(312 - 232) = sqrt(432) = 20.785 units

If a right triangle's hypotnuse 31 an the leg length 23 what does that leave the base?

an exact answer would be twelve times the square root of three

The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle is called?

Hypotnuse You spelled it wronge yo i had a crossword puzzle but the real awnser is hypotenuse .. kk Lovee ya bubyee

What is the length of a triangle that has a 40 inch hypotnuse and a 90 degree angle?

wel...just use the theory A2+B2=C2 Where A and/or B is the base and C is the hypotnuse. Your Welcome...(If it helped)

How do you find a triangle when you only know one side and one angle?

with a tryangle you have 3 sides. A base and a leg and a hypotnuse. if you have a base and an angle just use the trig function to find your hight.