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Q: How do you find the invariant line of a stretch?
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What is a Zeuthen-Segre invariant?

The Zeuthen-Segre invariant is a numerical invariant of an algebraic surface, denoted by Z(P), where P is a smooth projective surface. It is calculated using the intersection theory of surfaces and is used to distinguish between surfaces in the same deformation class.

Why do watermelon have dark green line?

Stretch marks.

How do you use set and get in object-oriented programming?

A set function (or setter) is an object mutator. You use it to modify a property of an object such that the object's invariant is maintained. If the object has no invariant, a setter is not required. A get function (or getter) is an object accessor. You use it to obtain a property from an object such that the object's invariant is maintained. If the object has no invariant, you do not need a getter.

Where can one find a stretch limo?

One can find a stretch limo by visiting websites such as 'Signoralimousines', 'Acelimousine', 'Carsforstars', 'A1Stretch', 'Stretchlimo' and 'Designerlimo'.

Where can one find information on surgery for stretch marks?

You can find information for surgery to get rid of stretch marks online at websites such as WebMD and MayoClinic. You can also find other ways to remove stretch marks, rather than surgery, at these websites as well.

Are the property of symmetric and skew symmetric are invariant?


Why do you think sprinter stretch their hands sideward upon reaching finish line?

they are near the finsh line and they stary to jog

What has the author Andrzej Pelc written?

Andrzej Pelc has written: 'Invariant measures and ideals on discrete groups' -- subject(s): Discrete groups, Ideals (Algebra), Invariant measures

How to know that linear differential equation is time invariant or time variant?

If the coefficients of the linear differential equation are dependent on time, then it is time variant otherwise it is time invariant. E.g: 3 * dx/dt + x = 0 is time invariant 3t * dx/dt + x = 0 is time variant

What is the difference between perpendicular lines and perpendicular line segments?

Lines have no end (stretch on forever) Line segments start and end.

How do you stretch a r6 Yamaha?

Get swingarm extensions, longer chain, and longer brake line..

Why shouldn't string stretch?

a line is a set of infinite points. a stretched string is finite.