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How you find the missing side depends on which side is missing.

A square drawn on the longest side has the same area as the two squares drawn on the shorter sides put together. This is Pythagoras' theorem.

So if the longest side (the hypotenuse) is, say, 10 units, the square drawn on it will be 100 square units, and the square on each of the shorter sides will have an area of 50 square units. That would make each of the shorter sides the square root of 50 - a little more than 7.

If we don't know the hypotenuse, but we know the other sides, - let's say they are 10 units each, we draw a square drawn on each of them and add their areas together. That's 200 square units. That's the area of a single square drawn on the hypotenuse. The length of the hypotenuse will be the square root of 200, a bit over 14 units.

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Q: How do you find the missing side of a triangle using 45-45-90?
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find the value of the missing parts?

A triangle using the law of sines

How can you find the length of the missing side of a triangle using square root?

You use the pythagorean theorem.

What does Pythagoras famous theroem involve?

It involves a right triangle. If a length is missing in a right triangle, you can find it out by using the other two lengths.

How do you find the missing measure of an acute triangle?

It depends on what measure is missing.

How do you find the missing side of a triangle with a perimeter of 40?

It depends on what is known about the triangle.

What are the uses for his therom?

To find the missing length of a triangle

How do you find the missing area measurement of a triangle?

depends on the needed measurement and type of triangle.

Why is pythagorus theorem useful?

to find the missing side of a triangle

How do you find a missing exterior angle of a triangle?

At each vertex of a triangle, an exterior angle of the triangle may be formed by extending ONE SIDE of the triangle.

How can you find a missing side or angle of a right triangle?

180 minus two known angle = missing angle. Use Pythagoras' theorem to find its missing side.

How do you find a missing side of a triangle?

The way to find the missing side of a triangle-THIS ONLY WORKS ON RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLES-is square both sides seperately and then add them together to give you the square of the missing side-find the square root and that is the size of the missing side-eg. if you have a RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLE with sides of 3inch and 4inch then (3x3) + (4x4) = 25 so the square root of 25 is 5 meaning the missing side is 5inch.

Can an equilateral triangle have a total of 120 degrees?

no because an equilateral triangle is a total of 180 degrees not 120. but if you need to find the missing angle or missing degree then yes!