How do you get the sum of pie?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Did You Mean: Pi?

"The sum of pi"... I don't exactly understand I don't think...

BUT! I do know that pi is an irrational number that starts out kinda sorta like this: 0.14159... ... ... infinity. So if this is a question on your homework or something, it's most likely a trick question. (i.e. - There is no sum; it's irrational!)

OR! If you need to use pie in an equation, there are scientific calculators with a pi button built in. You can't type pi out completely, considering it goes on forever.

If you don't own a scientific calculator, you can buy one for app. $10-15 @ Wal-Mart. If that's not an option, you can always just use the first few numbers in pi.

(i.e. - 0.1415 x radius^2)

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Q: How do you get the sum of pie?
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If, by circle graph, you mean a pie graph then 450 will be 360*450/n degrees where n is the sum of all the sectors of the pie.

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The pieces of a pie chart represent the parts of a whole, as does relative frequency. The total of the entire pie chart should be 100% or 360 degrees. The sum of the relative frequencies should also equal 100%.

Suppose you sliced a pie into several pieces The law of conservation of mass states that?

the total mass of the pie remains constant, regardless of how it is sliced into pieces. This means that the sum of the masses of all the individual pieces will equal the original mass of the whole pie.

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Everybody who gives a numerical answer to a sum involving π. The exact value cannot be calculated and so approximations must be used.

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