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Q: How do you identify the dilation of a parabola?
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What is the y-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola that is given by the equation below?

We will be able to identify the answer if we have the equation. We can only check on the coordinates from the given vertex.

How do you find the endpoints of a parabola when you have the function of the line?

A parabola has no endpoints: it extends to infinity.A parabola has no endpoints: it extends to infinity.A parabola has no endpoints: it extends to infinity.A parabola has no endpoints: it extends to infinity.

Parabola is the point at which the parabola is at its lowest or highest point?

A parabola is NOT a point, it is the whole curve.

Is a parabola the same as a parabolic curve?

No. If you tilt a parabola, you will still have a parabolic curve but it will no longer be a parabola.

The maximum or minimum of a parabola depending on whether the parabola opens up or down?

A parabola opening up has a minimum, while a parabola opening down has a maximum.

What is the parabola effect?

what are the effects of the sign a and n to the parabola

What is the diameter of a parabola?

It is the bisector of any 2 parallel chords drawn to the parabola. It is always parallel to the axis of the parabola.

What is the name of the point you use to define a parabola?

All of the points on a parabola define a parabola. However, the vertex is the point in which the y value is only used for one point on the parabola.

What Term means the expansion of?


When was Parabola - song - created?

Parabola - song - was created in 2001.

What is the midpoint of the parabola between the focus and the directrix?

It is the apex of the parabola.

Where is the line of symmety located on a parabola?

The line of symmetry located on a parabola is right down the center. A parabola is a U shape. Depending on the direction of the parabola it either has a x axis of symmetry or y axis of symmetry. You should have two equal sides of the parabola.