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Disjoint sets are sets whose intersection, denoted by an inverted U), produces the null or the empty set. If a set is not disjoint, then it is called joint.

[ex. M= {1,2,A} N = {4,5,B}. S intersection D is a null set, so M and N are disjoint sets.

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Q: How do you illustrate a joint sets by using a venn diagram?
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What is the symbol for joint sets?

There is no such symbol for joint sets. Actually, there is a representation for joint sets. That is: The sets are joint if A ∩ B is not empty. The sets are disjoint if A ∩ B is empty.

Definition of joint sets?

joint sets

What is a joint set?

Joint sets are sets that have common element.

What are the lectures of college algebra about sets?

Lectures of college algebra about sets could include: * Describing sets * Relationship between sets * Basic operation in sets * Solving problems using Venn diagram

What are joint and disjoint sets?

Joint sets are sets with common element/s. Disjoint sets are sets without any common element/s.

What is the definition of a joint sets in math?

In math joint sets are contain at least one element in common. An example of joint sets are {1,3,8,4} and {3,9,1,7}.

How do you Prove De Morgans law through Venn diagram overlapping sets?

using ven diagram prove de morgans law

Equal sets can be joint sets?

Yes, they can be

What is a Venn diagram?

A Venn diagram is a diagram that shows relationships between 2 things or concepts using circles if there are similarities between both then you overlap the circles.

What do you call a diagram used to represent sets?

Named after John Venn, a British logician (1834-1923), the Venn Diagram is commonly used to portray sets and their relationships. Using intersecting circles and other geometric shapes, they help in conceptualizing logical relationships, such as syllogisms.See: venn-diagram

A diagram that shows relationships among sets of things?

Venn Diagram

What is a diagram that shows relationships among sets of objects?

Venn Diagram

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