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If you look at the formulas for volume of a cone and volume of a cylinder you can see that a cone will fit in exactly three times if the height and radius of the cone and cylinder are equivalent. A cone has the equation: (1/3)*pi*(r^2)*h=Volume. And a cylinder has the equation: pi*(r^2)*h=Volume. With h equaling height and r equaling radius, you can see that 3*(Volume of a cone)=Volume of a cylinder. Therefore, the cone would fit in three times if height and radius are equivalent for the two figures.

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Q: How do you prove that a cone will fit into a cylinder exactlly 3 times?
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Is the volume of the cylinder three times the volume of the cone?


Show that the volume of cylinder is equal to one third the volume of cone?

It isn't. If the cylinder and the cone have the same height and radius, the cylinder has a larger volume (twice as large). If they do not have the same height and radius you need more information to prove their relative volumes.

How many times will a cone fit into a cylinder when they are the same diameter and height?

3 times

Why is the Volume of a cone Pi times Radius times Radius times height?

Actually it isn't. That's the formula for a cylinder. A cone is 1/3 of that value.

How many faces does a cylinder and cone have?

cylinder has 2 and cone one

What is the difference between a cone and a cylinder besides a cylinder has 2 faces and a cone has 1?

A cylinder has 3 faces, a cone 2. A cylinder has 2 edges, a cone 1. A cylinder consists of 2 circles and 1 rectangle, a cone consists of 1 circle and 1 semicircle.

Which solid has a volume that is 3 times the volume of a cone with the same base and height?

It is a cylinder

Is every cylinder a cone?

A cylinder and a cone are 2 different things, so no.

Is a pencil a cylinder with a cone?


The volume of a cone compared to the volume of a cylinder?

If the area of the base and the height of the cylinder and the cone are the same, then the volume of the cone will always be one third of the volume of the cylinder.

How many faces on a cone and cylinder?

cone has 2 cylinder has 3 good luck, lm 92 cone: 1 face cylinder:2 faces

Does the base of the cone and cylinder are they both congruent?

No, there is no reason for a cone and a cylinder to have anything congruent.