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Q: How do you reset a resetable 4 digit brinks lock?
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How to change combination on brinks lock?

hold reset and type the newcode!

Change brinks lock combination?

The changing of a Brinks lock combination depends on the model that you have. Most actually have a reset button that you hold down for 30 seconds to a minute.

How do you reset a brinks number lock?

The lock has to be open, turn the lock to the back side, flip the lever on the bottom up and to the left, set the new combo, push the lever on the back to the right and your done.

How do you reset the 4-digit combination on luggage combination lock?

i want to reset combination lock with new number while the padlock is locked

How do you reset echolac 3 digit number lock?

Forgot my password

How do you reset a combination brinks lock?

You can reset it by pushing down in the opposite side, as if you were closing it then changing combos. This way does not work i dont know where this guy got this from but dont try it.

How do you reset a lock combination for a brinks resettable 2 inch brass lock?

Open the lock. Turn the hasp 180 degrees and push down. Set your new combination and pull hasp up and you're done.

How do you reset code for 4 digit bicycle combo locks og?

Lost code for bicycle lock how do i reset 4 digit bicycle combo locks og

Brinks combination lock is stuck in open position?

My brinks locked in the open position. What do I need to do to get it fixed

How do reset Brinks resettable sports lock?

Turn Shackle 180°Press DownHold DownTurn Shackle 90°Set New CombinationTurn Shackle BackThen Pullup

Were do you get your combination for your brinks combination lock if you forgot it?

You can't

You cant open your brinks resettable lock?

Call this number: 1-800-562-5625. The manufacturer is Hampton Products. Your lock has a 100% warranty. Their customer service department will be able to help you out with any problems that you have with your Brinks lock.