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The question is not solvable.

Volume is a three-dimensional concept. Rectangles are two-dimensional

Width is a single dimension.

Assumption: Submitter used the word Volume, but meant Area


To solve for Width of a Rectangle, given its Volume, you would need to know the Length of the Rectangle:

Area = Width x Height


Width = Area / Length

Assumption: Submitter used the word Rectangle, but meant Cube


To solve for Length of the side of a Cube of given Volume (in units cubed):

Volume = Width x Height x Depth (which are all the same for a cube), so

Volume = (Width of a side)^3 (cubed)

so working from Volume to Width:

Width = Volume^-3 (read: The cube root of the Volume)

If another editor has a better means of entering the mathematical expressions, please have a go!)

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Q: How do you solve for width when all you have is the Volume of a rectangle?
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What is caluated by multiplying the length of a rectangle by its width and height?

A rectangle has only two dimensions, for example, length and width. If you multiply that, you get the area. A rectangular box has a length, width, and height. If you multiply all three, you get the volume.

The length of a rectangle is 13.6cm the perimeter of the rectangle is 37.8cm what is the width?

Write an equation for the perimeter, and solve it. Remember that the perimeter is the sum of all four sides.

What is a perimeter of a recangular?

Perimeter is Length + width x 2 or Length + length + width + width. This is perimeter for any shape including a rectangle. Perimeter of a rectangle is all sides added together for a rectangle.

How is perimeter and area related in a rectangle?

The perimeter of a rectangle is the distance around the rectangle. The area of a rectangle is the space inside the rectangle. To calculate either one you need the length and the width of the rectangle. To calculate the area multiply the length times the width. To calculate the perimeter add the length+width+length+width (that is the distance all the way around)

What is an area that has height and width?

If it is a rectangle then area is height times width

What is the equation of area of a diamond?

Same as a rectangle. It is, after all, a type of rectangle (lenght >< width)

How do you find volume of a rectangular prism when all you have is the length and width?

You multiply the length and width to get the volume

What is the width of a rectangle compared to the length?

The width and the length are independent. You can have a very long rectangle which is very wide or not wide at all. They are related when it comes to calculating area or perimeter of the rectangle. Perhaps that is what you meant?

How do you find length from width height and volume?

volume is the width, height, and length multiplied all together.

What special name is given to a rectangle whose length and width are the same?

If a rectangle has its length equal to its width, then all four sides are of equal length and it is a square.

How do you find the length of a rectangle given the width?

You can't. If I tell you the width, the length can still be anything at all.

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