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Q: How do you write 12 in words English?
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How do you write decimal .12 in words?

.12 in words is twelve hundredths.

How do you write number 12 in words?

You write it: twelve

Does Japanese people write in English?

If they know the language, then yes. They also "borrow" English words and on occasion write them in English instead of katakana.

How do you write 30 in words English?

30 = thirty

How do you write 61 in words in English?


How do you write 8000 in words in English?

Eight thousand.

How do you write out the number 12 in words?


What is the word against plus poison in define given words?

Please write your question in English, if you know how to write in English.

How do you write 650 in English words?

650 can be written as "six hundred fifty" in English words.

What is the phenomenon behind the words of abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?

the alphabet is the only way to write words in English.

How do you write 35billion in English words?

Thirty-five billion.

How do you write 12 hundred in words?

It is twelve hundred.