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Q: How do you write the word approx?
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Why do you put a full stop after the word approx?

because it has shortened the word approximately.

How do you abbreviate the word 'approximately?

AnswerThe abbreviation for approximately is "approx."

How do you write in short version approximately?


What word is approx short for?

"Approx" is short for the word approximately and is categorized as slang for the word. Approx is usually followed by a period to signify that it is a simplified version of the word approximately.

How do you write 11 over 29 as a decimal and as a percent?

As a decimal, 11/29 = 0.3793 (approx) and that is 37.93% (approx).

How can you write 3 in 26 hundredths in decimal form?

3/2600 = 0.00154 approx.3/2600 = 0.00154 approx.3/2600 = 0.00154 approx.3/2600 = 0.00154 approx.

What is the Russian word for life?

The Russian word is ????? (approx. pronounciation is jizni)

What is another word for approx?

Approximate and approximately.

How many bytes would it take to write googleplex?

Approx. 9.3 Gigabytes!

What does one seventh equal as a decimal?

it will be 0.14285714285. or you can write 0.143(approx.)

Can you write a sentence with the word write?

Yes, you can write a sentence with the word right. For example: I like to write about super heroes.

What is the base word of written?

The base word of "written" is "write."