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The two web links may get you started!

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Q: How does the RS-485 communication standard work?
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What is the difference between rs232 and rs485 port?

Difference between Rs232 and RS485 is Only Distance RS232 is not for long or far distance .. but RS485 can be use for LONGEST distance ..RS232 is single ended communication where as RS485 is Differential of receivers in RS232 is only ONE, whereas in RS485 is of transmitters in RS232 is only ONE whereas in RS485 is 32.IN RS232 there is no pin to change from transmitter mode receiver mode. But, In RS485 have DE pin to set transmitter mode and RI to set receiver mode.

What are the other serial communication standards other than RS232?

RS422 and RS485 and the now popular USB

Which country invented rs485?

The United States of America invented the electronic standard RS-485.

What is the difference between 'GPIB' and 'I2C' and 'RS485'?

HP is a company that makes and market particular hardware / software for speciallist application. An example is the 12C calculator which is capable of using a GPIB standard chip to send a signal through a RS485 cable to a computer

What are quantity of USB-RS485 ADAPTER?

UBIBOT USB-RS485 ADAPTER Connect RS485 probe to PC for calibration $ 24.99 USD$ 24.99 USD Quantity: Suitable for Ubibot RS485 probes calibration Two input ports: Micro USB & audio jack Plug and play, easy to operate Works with Ubibot Calibration Tool

What do you use in laptop - rs232 or rs485?


How does the RS 485 communication standard work?

The two web links may get you started!

Is rs485 a specification for usb?

No. The two standards are unrelated.

What are the applications of a RS485?

An RS485 signal is used in conjunction with many different computer systems. One might learn more about this type of signal as part of a computer course.

Difference between Ethernet and RS 485?

RS232 is for point to point communication where as RS 485 is for multidpoint communication, Voltage level and speed differ Hi frnds,, There are few points which v can discuss on these are 1) Ya first main important point is RS232 is point to point communication n RS485 is multidrope communication which means ... on RS232 u can not connect more than two device... RS485 u can connect upto I think max 128 device theorically..(its depends on noise level as well as on distance and burd rate also) Practicall as max 32... 2)Voltage level of RS232 is -3 to -25 for 1 +3 to +25V for 0 while RS485 is based on differential voltage (0-5v) diff is 240mV for 1 and -240mV for 0. 3)distance limitation is 100meter for RS232 and 1Km for RS485, 4)noise immunity is high for RS485 as it is balance protocol and differencial protocol.. 5)Software point of view u need to set transmit enable line in RS485 rest of the software is same... 6)pin for 232 is (Rx Tx and GND) while in case of RS485 it is (A(+) and B(-)) no need to transmit GND..signal

How do I connect RS-485 communication control board connection to control the camera.?

peel out RS485 communication cable, then connect back of the DVR panel. in RS 485 control system then ... go to protocol setting in the DVR on that assign camera ID.. then save.. finish.

What are the types of serial communication?

There are four main types. 1:RS232 2:EIA232 3:EIA 422 4:RS485 The major difference lies in Range and Noise immunity.Hope this could answer what you need Wajahat