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42.86 miles per hour.

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Q: How fast do you need to go to travel 5 miles in 7 minutes?
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If you want to travel ten miles in thrity minutes how fast do you need to go?

If my calculations are right you need to travel 20 miles per hour to reach ten miles in thirty minutes.

How fast would you need to go to travel 34 miles in 15 minutes?

120 mph

If you need to travel 28 miles in 30 minutes how fast would you go?

56 mph

How fast do you need to travel 343 miles in 2 hours 16 minutes?

158.8mph for 343 miles in 2hours and 16 min

How fast do I Need to go to travel 10 miles in 25 minutes?

If you went at a speed of a mile a minute, or 60 mph, you would travel 25 miles in 25 minutes. For 10 miles in this time you only have to travel at 2/5 of that speed, or 24 mph.

Need to travel 6.29 miles in 25 minutes how fast would you go?

6.29*60/25 = 15.096 mph

How fast would you have to travel to cover 18 miles in 18 minutes?

To cover 18 miles in 18 minutes, you would need to travel at a speed of 60 miles per hour. This calculation is based on the formula: speed = distance / time.

How fast do I need to walk to go 2 miles in forty minutes?

3 miles an hour

How fast do you need to go to travel 25 miles in 2 hours?

You will need to travel at an average of 25 miles ÷ 2 hours = 121/2 mph.

How fast do you have to run to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes?

Assuming you maintain a constant speed throughout your run, you will need to be running the mile at a pace of 8:00 minutes. So, by dividing 60 minutes by your time of 8 minutes you get 7.5. This means you will have to run a pace of 7.5 mph for 12 minutes to travel 1.5 miles.

How fast would you be travelling if you need to get 24 miles in 45 minutes?

32 mph

How many minutes is 85 miles?

To determine how many minutes it takes to travel 85 miles, you need to know how fast you are going, for example if you were going at 85 mph, you would go 85 miles in one hour, but if you were going at 42.5 mph, it would take you 2 hours to travel the same distance. Please post what speed/rate is being traveled at, and then this problem can be solved.