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Look on page 9 in the second FULL paragraph.

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Q: How had those of the doctor's race treated the Indians for four hundred years?
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How do you write 987654321987654 in word form?

Depending where you are which change the scale you use and so how the number 987,654,321,987,654 is read: * In those countries that use the long scale (based on power of a million) like Europe: it is: nine hundred and eighty seven billion, six hundred and fifty four thousand million, three hundred and twenty one million, nine hundred and eighty seven thousand, six hundred and fifty four; or it can be: nine hundred and eighty seven billion, six hundred and fifty four milliard, three hundred and twenty one million, nine hundred and eighty seven thousand, six hundred and fifty four. * In those countries that use the short scale (based on powers of a thousand plus one) like USA: it is: nine hundred and eighty seven trillion, six hundred and fifty four billion, three hundred and twenty one million, nine hundred and eighty seven thousand, six hundred and fifty four.

How do you spell 123456789?

One hundred and twenty three million, four hundred and fifty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine. Or if you had meant to have commas between each of those numbers, then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine.

How do you write eleven thousand eleven hundred eleven in numerically?

That isn't a properly worded number, which is why it is confusing. Let's start with the easy bit Eleven thousand = ... 11,000 Eleven hundred = ....... 1,100 Eleven = ..................... 0,011 so adding those together we get 12,111

How do you round 150 to the nearest hundred?

100 and 200 are the two hundreds on either side of 150. Both are an equal distance away. In those circumstances my recommendation is to round to the even - that is 200. The general advice is to round 5s up but that advice is given by those who do not understand statistics and the introduction of bias.

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Lert's start with the easy bitEleven thousand = ... 11,000Eleven hundred = ....... 1,100Eleven = ..................... 0,011soadding those together we get 12,111Twelve thousand one hundred and eleven is the same as eleven thousand, eleven hundred and eleven111,011In decimal, 1111.Improved question and answer:Do you mean eleven thousand plus eleven hundred plus eleven?If so it is: 12111 (twelve thousand one hundred and eleven)You cannot.Eleven thousand = 11,000Eleven hundred = 1,100So that "eleven thousand eleven hundred" is irrational.If you add eleven thousand and eleven hundred then the result is pronounced as "Twelve thousand one hundred.What you have written is the equivalent of 12,111=== === If I am to understand this question correctly, a "lakh" in India is the equivalent (or same) as 100,000 in numerical English. If this is the case the numerical value of the written expression in this question would be the sum of it's part: Eleven Lakh = 1,100,000 (or 100,000 * 11) Eleven Thousand = 11,000 (or 1,000 * 11) Eleven Hundred = 1,100 (or 100 * 11) Eleven = 11 Total = 1,112,111 : as expressed above, but with commas inserted as traditional numerical breaks. I thought it might help you to understand the answer better if you could see the equation broken down into it's common components.if you mean 1111 then it is MCXI

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indians did not go to school back in those days you idiots

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